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Storage is always at a premium on board a boat. Acrylic doors give the vessel a special luster and communicates a strong message of quality, and is a direct reflection of a boat builder's commitment to delivering the highest standard of manufacture.

Our units and doors incorporate “T” slot seals to insulate the contents from water while at the same time silencing any rattles which originate from vibrations generated by the the craft, and are often apt to appear.

Ventilation is also an important aspect of storage, in order so compartments don’t get musty. AcryliCo is able to cut very elaborate vents into the doors thus not only achieving adequate ventilation but an opportunity to reflect a boatbuilder’s creative ability to achieve originality of design. The AcryliCo logo, for instance, was created for such a function.

While the boatbuilder is the designer of these doors and storage compartments, through consultation with AcryliCo, we are able to offer personalization in the form of laser engraving to enhance the look of the units and add a unique sense of style to each boat.

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