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In the last two years a trend has emerged with “enclosure” designs being favored for center console type boats. These integrate windshield systems with the legs of the T-top to create an aesthetically pleasing semi-enclosed system. Often, these will include a provision for an actuator-controlled vent on the upper front surface. Previously these designs were fashioned out of tempered glass, but increasingly boat-builders are choosing acrylic for the following  reasons:

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•    Cost: Especially, tooling, affording great cost savings if the item is formed.

•    Ease of modification: Not all T-tops are identical, and in such cases acrylic has a clear advantage since it can be easily fitted. Tempered glass does not offer such adaptability without a rise in cost.

•    Durability: Some T-tops can be subjected to a lot of movement and acrylic has excellent properties allowing it to flex and bend with the legs.

•    Greater freedom of design: Acrylic can be formed into radical shapes with compound curves thus not only achieving an aesthetically pleasing result, but also allowing boat builders the opportunity to create far more distinctive designs.

•    Weight: Acrylic has a specific density which is about half that of glass.

•    Finally, with recent advances in the hard-coating processes, the windshield is able to sport a windshield wiper.



With an ever-growing public concern for the environment and improved standards within the industry, the watchword of late is “Lightening”. At AcryliCo we have come to understand this principle and strongly support the ideal of excellent stewardship of the environment, by investing heavily in R&D.

It takes an immense amount of power to move a boat, far more than other means of transport, mainly due to the drag coefficient of water. Therefore reducing the overall weight of a vessel is critical to its running costs, and thus by shaving every possible pound of weight during its production, can afford the owner significant fuel savings over a period of time, and hence be less harmful to the environment as well.

By applying lighter yet stronger structural materials into our products, we are able to ultimately help our clients achieve a lighter boat. While acrylics and polycarbonates have a definite edge, by employing lighter weight materials in the construction of other components, such as tackle units, storage boxes, and doors, further weight reductions are achieved, decreasing weight to drag coefficients and most likely an overall improved performance of the boat as well.



GROMMETFamous American designer Charles Eames once said: The details are not the details, they make the design.” At AcryliCo we hold this philosophy true, and have found some of the most effective innovations are so small they could almost go unnoticed, yet play their part in the betterment of our products and often facilitate significant benefits to our clients.

One example is the buna-N rubber grommet, incorporating a spacer which is often used for center consoles. The windshield is shipped with the grommet inserted in place, so there are no loose pieces to deal with. Additionally, the #10 screw will fit snugly into the grommet hole so they don’t fall out. This simple invention translates to shorter and more successful installation times on the production line.



In the year when the concept of of hullside portlight erupted onto the cruiser fleet, AcryliCo was called upon to develop portlights by the premier cruiser and yacht manufacturers. In direct competition with glazing products, the UV-blocking acrylic which incorporates an exterior silicate shell, fared very well in performance testing. In fact it was so successful, it portside 1has now secured a strong position and has become ‘the standard’ by which others are measured.

Most cruisers production runs are below the threshold of where hi-heat tooling would be required. Like for like, acrylic is half the weight and double the strength of glass, making it not only a far superior material, but significantly a more economical alternative as well.



AcryliCo began conducting experiments with hard coatings on polycarbonates, followed by similar tests on acrylics. To achieve perfect results the necessary equipment was expensive, but more significant and invaluable was the experience AcryliCo had already gained from its high profile contracts with the US Department of Defence creating transparencies for aeronautical and military hardware.

about us 4Through our tenacious application of knowledge and fine attention to detail, Acrylico was very proud to have been presented with the prestigious IBEX Innovation Award in 2008, for excellence within the industry. Achieving perfection within the many complex processes required for the production of top quality hard coatings is perhaps the single most significant milestone within our long chronology of innovation success stories.



In an effort to gain new markets, AcryliCo opened a facility in Greenwood, SC. At that time, a wealth of boat builders had moved to the Carolinas, in addition to those already established within the Summerville area. During subsequent years, and following the global constraints from the financial crash and recession, many builders either closed or relocated their businesses elsewhere, whereupon AcryliCo decided to close the facility.

A fledgling company at that time, AcryliCo faced challenging times during the recession, but company sales continued to grow as we secured increased market share thanks to our excellent reputation for offering top rate products at exceptional 53 helicopter hr



AcryliCo was founded as a means to diversify from its parent company, Control Logistics, into a new market, yet with similar technology. CLI is a premier manufacturer of helicopter windows and windshields for the US Department of Defense.

Due to CLI’s considerable experience, outstanding record, technical know-how and expertise, an excellent reputation was rapidly secured for AcryliCo within the marine industry, and it was not long before customers came to appreciate our products as superlative in quality and durability, to such a point, returns are extremely rare.